Hello it's Jade_Shani here and we are hoping to find players that are lvl 10+ and that have a different main job other than commoner. Also we are hoping that we have active members as well. EX: on in the morning and done close to 10-12 pm in the U.S. area not trying to be hard or nothing of the sort just like having active players that are on like we are so our recruiting times are from morning till night which is like 9 am
till around 11pm or later if you see one of us then don't be afraid to come up to us and ask Me and my guild Chairwoman and the reat of us would love to have you in our guild. We are also looking for spontaneous, active, contributing, and outgoing for our guild. Love to have you in our guild.
We also help each other out with Lvling, gathering, and raising relationships with dreamstones.
We also have a fb page as well so be sure to check that out too.
-Jade_Shani ^//-//^