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Thread: Luna Reborn: Indo (LINE group)

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    Lightbulb Luna Reborn: Indo (LINE group)

    Hello, good evening!

    I wonder if there is a chat group for Indonesian players for this game. It'd be easier to talk to each other, ask for TOD, TOG, or TOG parties, or etc, for Indonesian people. So, I wanna ask You (Indonesian players) to join "Luna Rebron: Indonesia" LINE chat group:

    1. No racism
    2. No bad mouth
    3. No bad attitude
    (Not so hard I think~)

    You may write down your LINE ID below so we could invite you to the chat group. Thankyou :)
    my LINE ID: hawraaawliyaa
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    Sorry, this group was closed. Please find another chat group. Thankyou.
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