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Thread: Developing or Going down hill?

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    Question Developing or Going down hill?

    Hi Guys! M.A.T Players, Developers, Haters and Observers. I was just wondering whether the game is currently going UP? or DOWN? , by saying this I am simply wondering if:

    1. Is M.A.T ever going to be on steam as anticipated in 2013 when STEAM greenlit the game?
    2. Will the game ever have major or minor competitions for clans and players?
    3. Will M.A.T NA ever be as big as M.A.T Asia
    4. Why do we have guns that can shoot through walls
    5. Will their be a new and better system put in place to rank clans? ( Because honestly, U can take a clan of 50 REALLY BAD PLAYERS, and they can clan war all day and become the #1 clan on the leaderboard.. which ive seen before. Why dont we use a win/loss type ranking or something)
    6. How can M.A.T fix the lag problems with many players? Cause people complain a lot and idek what they talking about, apparently there is only one server in Toronto,ON.. Will there be more?
    6. Is this game developing or just fading? Many players continue to give generously to the game in order to see it grow! we are just curious now.

    Anyways, thats all I had to ask.. If u have anything to ask just post it below and HOPEFULLY, someone like a GM, ADMIN or Developer will respond !

    P.S If you don't have an answer to my questions please leave them to be answered by a Developer, GM or Admin or simply leave your own questions.

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    Hello, I'm sure that I am speaking for most if not all players of the game, who have played before 2014, that the games "development" is steadily going down. Obviously the players from 2014 + wouldn't know about the earlier years of our beloved game. Honestly, we all know the game has potential, every game does, whether the developer will expand and attempt to reach that potential is another story. I believe that the publisher, SubaGames, is serious about the games development unlike the developer Kingsoft, my opinion. Some answers to your questions are:

    1. I highly doubt steam would accept us, it would tarnish their name, no offence to SubaGames or Kingsoft, the current state of the game is pretty bad, but it is gradually getting better with the new GM's. Yes, there was an announcement for MAT to go on steam greenlight, players did vote and in the process did receive a few rewards. However, this was with the previous GM, any integration with steam is probably lost.

    2. Major or minor competition? We did have a few "competitions" players built there teams of 5 and played against each other, also wining some prizes for their performance.

    3. MAT NA to be as big as the Asian scene? Highly doubt it. Why? Well I'm guessing that Asia has little to few games to play? Also, we all know there is a large gaming scene in NA EU etc.

    4. The weapons which shoot through the walls is limited to snipers and only 2 types of snipers can do it, it doesn't make much sense to be honest, it's broken mechanic. However, with the introduction to some PvE modes those snipers deal over 1000 damage which is pretty useful. For example: dragon mode (released in 2013) snake mode etc

    5. Agreed, the clan system is pretty broken. However, as I said before SubaGames can only pass the recommendation to the developer in hope for them to add the change.

    6. Yes, there is currently only 1 server located in NA, Toronto. We did have a NA west server and even a EU server in 2012 and 2013. However, not enough players were using them, so they were removed.

    7. Majority of the old players have left the game, we have a player base of 150?
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