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Thread: The Suba DOMO 2017 Monthly questions thread - April

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alleypurple View Post
    Oua daghu Siam.
    Is it possible or will it be possible to change Ur character name? I got told that Softstar got this possible.
    This is not currently possible. While the tool exists, it is currently bugged and Softstar is not currently in the process of fixing it.

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    Oua daghu Siam.
    I'm wondering if there is actually people that is in charge of replying tickets because it's been like almost 3 weeks now and it's not even responded yet. It would be appreciated if I got a reply or something at least like I don't know why I got none for 3 weeks so I'm now doubting if it actually sent. I don't know if it's the same on other Suba games but I think a month for a ticket is pretty long tbh. Thank you

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    The GM's are currently in the process of responding to tickets in the order they were received. There is a significant backlog due to staffing shortage. Please be patient.

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    Hi, i have just recently started to pay domo again, and noticed i can not access the in game item mall. i get a message saying something about 12 hours and or player less then lvl10.
    my character is over lvl10.
    do i need to be on line for 12 hours in order to use the mall?

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    That is correct.

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    Oua daghu Siam.

    I'm looking at the Damage formula for skills. Why does it say the skill base damage is divided by 7.5 or 6.25, then multiplied by the lesser of those divisors and the respective quotients (M)Atk / (M)Def? Wouldn't it just be easier to imagine the base skill damage is the already divided number? It just seems redundant or something.

    Instead of Ides of March having a base damage of 400, then dividing by 6.25, wouldn't that just mean the base damage is 64?

    Additionally, the Damage formula page says the level difference is 15% per 4 level, discluding the first set (levelBonus = 15 * min((castInt((playerLv - enemyLv) / 4) - 1), 4)

    But the Bestiary page says it's a 15% penalty for every 5 levels.

    Sooo Oua daghu Siam: Which is it?

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    Disregard the level penalty question. I've looked it over, and misunderstood it.

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    Sure, you can say the base damage is simply the current/6.25 or 7.5, but on Sorcerer's skill descriptions it uses the larger number because.... I don't know, Softstar likes it that way.

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