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Thread: PT fast logger

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    Default PT fast logger

    i wrote this script during december 4x event to save my fingers turning into wolverine claws and scratching up gaming kb

    download PT fast logger at
    the download contains 2 versions
    the scripts have .au3 extension
    they are run using the AutoIt script engine

    AutoIt is a freeware scripting product - simple to dowload and install

    to run a script with AutoIt you use a command like

    C:\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe myscript.au3

    which script?

    • the 1st script just does the login and stops at server selection
    • the 2nd script does login then selects the server and character and kicks off the game load

    if you need to stop and select the char >> use the 1st script
    if you just want to log one char fast >> use the 2nd script

    setting up script and running

    to run the 1st script just plug in your login info where indicated and save the script
    you will probably want to create a shortcut on taskbar or wherever to run the script with one click

    to use the 2nd script include your login info as before
    then check the char selection inside the script so it will click on the correct character
    specify the server "bc" "awell" "mid" or "val" following the command like this

    C:\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe c:\pt_stuff\gogoPT.au3 mid

    • the first time you run Priston Tale after booting pc it takes a long time to load
      for this reason the script(s) will not work properly the first time PT is loaded
      so login manually the first time!
    • the typing done by the script is time sensitive
      if you are running several PT clients or other apps it can cause typos in the login
    • i don't think it will run on Pentium2 (sorry Aguila)
    • should work ok for OHx'ers (?) but hasn't been tested yet
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    cant follow this haha. I just want to try, help me bro

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    too complicated?
    it should take only a few minutes to set up

    1. start by downloading the script
    2. i wrote the script to work with AutoIt so u need to download/install that
    3. then edit one of the 2 scripts and save it in a new folder
    4. inside the script you can see where to plug in your PT folder and your login
    5. then make a shortcut to run the script

    that's about it

    the code in the script is crystal clear so you can see what its doing
    pristontale loads slowly (around 40 seconds for me) so login manually the 1st time
    after that the script should work fine

    if you have any issues you can pm me on suba
    or msg me in game
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    ign: mulatto / livnletdie
    once we were we are Legends

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    new version !

    slow loading of the login panel was causing occasional typos in id/pwd
    new version includes auto re-type feature
    ign: mulatto / livnletdie
    once we were we are Legends

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