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    Default Need help build

    Hi dear knight

    I come to you because i need help.

    I am back PT and a friend say me of reset my skill points, because at lvl 100+ i will fight undead monster.

    So i ask to my friend his build.

    Here is his build of my friend, but the problem, for the skill points, i don't know what i must up in first, two, three etc.

    Skill point :

    Holy Body LVL 10

    Holy Valor LVl 10

    Drastic Spirit lvl 10

    Sword Mastery lvl 10

    Divine Shield lvl 10

    Elite point :

    Holy Benedic lvl 10 up in First

    Saint Blade lvl 10 Up in Two

    Godly shield lvl 10 Up in Three

    I am lvl 100 and i Wonder if i must really up in first Holy benedic and in two saint blade.

    I appreciate very much if someone could help me.

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    Holy body 10
    Holy valor 10
    Drastic spirit 10
    Grand cross 10
    Sword mastery 3
    Saint blade 8
    Holy benedic 6

    That's what your build should look like at lvl 100 Start lvling godly shield after you get holy benedic to 10 and saint blade to 10 which is around lvl 106 and for the normal skill points after everything else i mentioned is maxed continue putting points into sword mastery which will max out at 114.
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