Here's the guide to fix stuck big head.


•You first you must use a hair tint, preferably the hair tint you want.
This will reset your head to normal size, but you will have tier 2 head gear.
•To set your head gear back to normal you must first take off your specialy secondary costume, put it in your inventory or warehouse.
•Use a bighead/sheep head potion.
When it expires, you will get back your correct tier headgear.
*However the 5 new premium hair potions, N O P Q R, have no skill tier model made for them.

Why My Big Head Stuck!?:
The suck big head is to my tests caused by your secondary costume.
If your big head ends when you are wearing a costume and the costume expires too, the game freaks out, does not know what to set back to default, so it makes the big head permanent for some reason.

To prevent further problems, if you have a big head that's not finished and you want to log off and you are wearing a costume, just simply take the costume off, store it in your inventory/warehouse.

Support Ticket:
Otherwise, you can send a ticket to support.
To speed up the ticket process, please include the hair tint you had before, so the GM can instantly set your head to the correct one, instead of replying to your ticket, asking you which hair tint you had before, then you replying back and waiting another week.

Here are reference links for hair tints: