Are you new to Suba Games? Are you looking to purchase things from any of our cash shops to enhance your experience but don't know how to? Well look no further! With this simple guide, we can have you being able to use our cash shops within a couple of short minutes!

1.) Locate Suba Bank on the menu bar at the top of the screen on

There are a few payment options available to purchase Suba Points; the currency which is used to purchase items in game. Clicking on Suba bank page takes you to this page:

There are different ways of purchasing Suba Points. First option I'll cover is buying directly from our website. Select the amount of Suba Points you would like to purchase and click on the buy now option underneath the amount you wish to buy. Clicking it will show you the follow options:

Selecting any of the methods below will take you a secure page where you can make the payment. Make sure you have a Paypal/Rixty account to complete the transaction. Once the payment has been confirmed, the Suba Points should be deposited into your account soon after and you can then purchase items from Item Mall. In the event that it takes a while for the SP (Suba Points) to be deposited into your account, please contact our billing department via a support ticket to have the issue resolved:

Back on the main Suba Bank page, clicking on Point Card, Go Cash or Mobile Options, takes you to the following page:

Players that have bought a pre-paid card from Go Cash can use the PIN on the back of the card to have SP deposited into your account. Alternatively, in certain countries, players can use mobile options to pay for Suba Points via SMS. Select the options players would like to use.

When purchasing Suba Points, players also earn "Mileage Points". For some of our games, we have a web store that players can use to purchase exclusive items. Select Suba Shop under the main tab on

Currently we have Mileage Shops for the following games:

You may then select any of the items to add to your cart. We use a cart system for purchasing items so players may empty their cart if they made a mistake and/or Buy cart to complete the transaction. These are items are then sent to players in-game.

For a video explaining the steps, players may view a short video on the guides section which can be found under the third option on the following page:

If you have any questions still, feel free to respond to this thread and a GM, moderator or someone which experience purchasing Suba Points can hopefully answer any questions you may have.