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Thread: Questions on PIKE skills.

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    Default Questions on PIKE skills.

    Hi there, should i use CL 5 or SAS 6?

    Tornado 1 or 5?

    Please do help share,thank you.

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    Depends what lvl you are. I'm lvl 100 and just made my CL 5 and Torn 1.
    Event girl is here and I found out about the 105 scythe spead and CL >_>.

    If you need to grind, I'd keep tornado lvl 5 until 100.

    SSA 6, I tried last night. I don't get the hype, I can only use it twice, it takes so much mana.
    Nah I'm sticking with CL 5 Vague 10 and rest in Amp.
    Tornado 1 and I just leave the unused skill points till i can decide
    Good luck man.

    PS Look through this forum. I found a lot of already-answered questions

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