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Thread: Spirit Tales / Glory Destiny Online

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    Bring it back, I need to +15 my heroic set .. and we gotta run sky city !! - confirmed will support via cash shop - ��

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    Yeeess please bring it backkk. We miss the cuteness, we still have to +15 and reach cap. This game is too cool to be gone :c onegai subagameesss. We miss sky city, battlefield and clan war.
    I'll spend on this game this time XD
    Thank you.

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    Bring it back please. How to support this game? hehehe

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    Yes... hopefuly i am not the only one who want Spirit Tales/Glory Destiny back, its was such a nice game i played it all day long. It just need a good publisher like SUBAGAMES!
    Bring it back to US, i bet you will not regret it, i would even pay to play and many other ppl would use the cash shop for sure.

    Make it happen pleaaaaaase !

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    Here is the site of the developer X-Legend:

    Here's the mail adress of x-legend for publishing related business:

    Overseas Business - Domestic & Overseas Game Publishing Related Business - E-mail:

    Just wanted to share, dunno if its already known

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    Please bring back GDO Subagames ???? there's no rpg game as cute as GDO ????

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    I definately found it cute. I remember beta testing it and my kids started wondering what it was and then they started playing.

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    I am still here and active to support spirit tales's revival to the fullest!!

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    bring back the game! haha!

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    Please bring back this game !! Me and my friends will support it by spending a lot of money on it ! ((

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