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Thread: Spirit Tales / Glory Destiny Online

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    I would definitely be down to play it again. I miss the group of friends that loved playing this with me.

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    I have friends waiting for this game to come back as well. I really would like to play this game again, it was my life. I miss it so much. I love Spirit Tales/ Glory Destiny Online!!!!!

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    I loved this game so much and was greatly saddened to find the server down. I'd love to see it picked up again.

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    Absolutely would love to play the game, too ? I'm sure hardcore STO fans would love to spend some money on this game... if it were to relaunch!!!

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    Bring back Spirit Tales Online/Glory Destiny! Please!
    It was an amazing Game with only few limitation. Even after years of trying other games with years of development I couldn´t find a game with nearly that amount of possibilities given to every single class. With the the cooldownreductions only being soft capped you could make nearly every crazy Build possible. All people were having fun there only were few points people dislike and these points could be easily fixed, but the publisher back then just made us all crying.
    Just bring it back! give the Game the love it deserve and even with this cute maybe a little old graphics the game could get quickly back to live even more beautiful then before!

    All love and hopes
    Ayu ~ <3
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    I need Spirit Tales Online again D:

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    Please bring Spirit Tales Online back D:

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    Bring it back please!! (((((

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    Please please please bring spirit tales back i will support it with all the money i have

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    I beg of you Suba Games please bring back Spirit Tales / Glory Destiny

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