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Thread: Spirit Tales / Glory Destiny Online

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    Default huhhuhu

    Bring it back hehehhehhehhehee

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    Default Bring it back

    Wtf please suba games bring glory desiny back!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Bring it back

    Suba i begging you, please bring this game back in 2019

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    I would love to see this game back as well! Was super fun and the community was great.

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    This game still had so much to offer, please bring it back~

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    Default bring this game back

    a great MMORPG game without publisher for global version, SUBA YOU SHOULD BRING THIS GAME BACK!!!

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    Default Man just bring it back asap!!!

    I really love this game and i still hope i can play this one last time while i still got some years before i die

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    Default Please bring this game back!

    One of my all-time favorite MMORPGS, and I'm sad to see it cancelled in the USA. The only server it has open now is Taiwan, and it's IP blocked (by phone number). Suba, if you bring this game back, you'll have my full support. The game has grown so much since STO has shut down.

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    Exclamation I'm still here and I'm still supporting!!

    I, the creator of this post, am still supporting this game.

    I had some difficulties with my main account, so I made this one.

    I'm still supporting this game, and I am sure the other fellow players are still supporting too! I am constantly checking this page to see if something happened. I'm sure SubaGames will bring this game back, just like they did on Luna. Spirit Tales/Glory Destiny Online and Dragomon Hunter are the only good xLegend games really. But both their global servers are shut down. I believe, SubaGames will make a Global Release of this game . As far as I know, Taiwan server is still online, and they are taking in players from the globe, but it costs. And the connection wouldn't be that great, + the community won't be great for players from other countries. A global release would be so nice, and I'm sure so many people would return. On the official forums, there are people just discovered the game as it shut down. They would be happy to play this game too. I hope this game gets revived, as Taiwan still supports this game.

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