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Thread: Spirit Tales / Glory Destiny Online

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    Do we have discord for this community forums?

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    @Suba Games, please bring back Spirit Tales Online! It was the best mmo from X-Legeng company.

    I'm currently playing Taiwan version, but the language barrier is too difficult for European players.

    I decided to make an unofficial discord channel for community which is interested in STO/GDO news.

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    Exclamation Bring Back Spirit Tales #2019

    I'm still here, checking the forums. I have a lot of hope. The "Revive Spirit Tales" has gotten big, so im really hoping that Suba Games will do something here.


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    Lightbulb Everyone!

    I'm thinking of creating a discord (the discord server our other friend suggested us looks like down, sorry for that) for Spirit Tales/Glory Destiny Online. Everything about them. And our mission is to spread the word everywhere we can, to make Spirit Tales more popular and for SubaGames to take action! What do you say?

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    Exclamation To everyone wanting to get in my discord.

    This is the invitation. I'm waiting for you all!

    (BTW im a rookie discorder, not very good at servers and stuff)

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