Tickets are not to be discussed on the forums. Period.

Don't PM the GMs or mods about tickets either.

The only proper place to handle your tickets in the first place is through Suba Games Customer Support. No exceptions.

This is a standard rule across all of Suba Games forums. There should be no reason to be ignorant about it.

Had to delete several posts about this, so now I have made it clear.

Breaking this rule will get you permanently banned.

If you feel like you have to post/PM on the forums about your ticket because of a lack of response, don't. You will still get banned.

For a faster ticket response, keep the following in mind:
  • Use readable English.
  • Be detailed about the situation, but don't make it too long.
  • Make sure if any images are required, they are of readable quality.
  • Remain calm about the situation. This can help the GM staff feel more comfortable about responding.
  • Offices are closed on weekends or noted Canadian holidays. Tickets probably won't be responded to on those days.
  • GMs also have other tickets they should be looking at. Be patient.

Not following those guidelines may result in a slower response or no response at all.

This is your only warning.