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Thread: Casino Night Wishlist

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    star/panda backpack
    rimmed glasses

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    girl friends

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    - Reskill/Restat
    - Ptele/Go-Any
    - Fairies
    - Armor Tomes/Weapon Tomes - Books as well
    - Special Mission Ticket
    - Probably some of those chances costume boxes to spam out
    - Nice new perms to wear around

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    I would like to see some perms for your face such as...
    Cool Ebony Sunglasses, rimmed glasses (any color), Masquerade Mask I

    and maybe some back perms?
    Pinky Panda Backpack and/or Teddy Bear Backpack

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    Default Casino whislist

    -Mod box
    -Advanced Armor Upgrade Box

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    Orange Upgrade Books
    Weapon Tomes
    Insurance Scrolls

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    Use the stickied version of the thread, as that one is continuous whereas this one was only active for a period of time. Closed.

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