Like the title says...

I recently came back and was pleasantly surprised that bosses now have their own trophy drops and added effects.

Since boss weapons are still sort of obsolete, a good trade off for their lack of raw power would be an added effect unique to the boss.

For instance, Katharsis of Bishop could have a chance to inflict Red Light on whoever you're shooting.

Now of course, this would come with limitations of the effect, because we all know Red Light lasts a ridiculously long time. But what the Siphon Module has shown me is that the programming is there for this to be possible, because its an effect on hit with 0sec cooldown.

Another thing that could be done is that since boss weaps lose enchants and fixes when going Cyan, the effect % could go up or the time could go up. Just thought I'd throw this out there, as I hate to see these unique weapons overshadowed by regular drops and its sad to see they're included in Valentine's capsules.