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Thread: SUBA Guide Compilation Thread

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    Default SUBA Guide Compilation Thread

    Similar to how Miradora compiled a bunch of links to guides and sites for outside the forums, here I'm going to compile some guides on this forum for ease of access (except my starter guide series; my opinions on some classes and skills have changed since and I don't feel like remaking them any time soon).

    This guide talks about where and how to level in smaller parties if you are struggling to find a sufficient AoE party.
    Veigar's Leveling Guide

    Following that, GheyMang was kind enough to show you how to struggle through the pains of rebirthing.
    GheyMang's Reincarnation/Releveling Guide

    Getting decent gear past 50 is important, and this rather long guide covers what you need to know.
    The Ultimate Gear Guide

    This guide talks about methods of making money if you're just starting out, as well as how to manage your gold wisely.
    How to make gold for beginners [TL;DR] WARNING

    This guide shows other methods on how to make money, albeit there is a disclaimer.
    Money Making Guide

    Quite a bit of changes have been made with elemental interactions, so the following thread is a good reference.
    Elemental Interaction Changes

    Covers everything you need to know about being a tank up to level 50.
    Team Mercenary Guide

    Mainly the underappreciated parts of Mercenary and late-game tanking (if you can be bothered to be a main tank).
    Mercenary: The Advanced Stuff

    More a question than a guide but here you will find most recipe and item drops from the Firework Map.
    Costume Alchemy?

    Compilation of all released vouchers
    Voucher Collection Thread!!

    Various raids.
    Garnet Godwin 101
    Northern Turtle Raid 101
    Southern Vermilion 101
    Western Tiger 101

    This entire thread is me rambling about reaching 1k Transfusion Tune. I may not have taken the level penalty of level 12 Transfusion Tune (full effect kicks in at level 73) into account. Linking the last post.
    The Legendary 1k Fuse

    The Eversun Event.
    Eversun Event Guide

    Plan to reskill Commoner? Might wanna look at this:
    (Protect Your Alchemy!) How to Handle Reskilling Commoner

    Any achievement hunters out there?
    Achievement Hunting Guide

    Wanna know how much a fairy brings back?
    Forager Fairy Retrieval Amounts

    If you're really interested in Fencer, you might want to look at this.
    Fencer's builds clarification : Str vs Wis

    If you see anything on this sub-forum that you'd like me to add here, PM me and I'll consider it.
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