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Thread: [OUTDATED] Prestige Wants YOU!

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    Prestige has changed quite a bit since it was first created, but we are still the late and end game oriented guild that it has been. We are now actively recruiting anyone who might be interested in joining us!

    What Do We Want In People?
    -A challenge seeker
    -An interest in PvE and/or PvP
    -Want to learn and improve themselves
    -A nice little environment
    -Preferably one job at least level 65 so we know you're serious. We can make an exception of level 50 if you're friends with one of our members (game is hard). Level isn't a big concern, as long as you're willing to play.

    What's In It For You?
    -Full access to guild website which can be seen right here
    -Guild Teamspeak
    -Guild store
    -The guide maker himself

    Please Note The Following
    -We may be an international guild, but we are English spoken. Make sure you have good understanding of English for best communications with your fellow members.
    -You should be earning 150 guild fame contribution before buying from our guild store. Exceptions can be made if you are an exceptional guild member in other aspects.

    Wanna Join? Have Questions?
    PM one of our lovely fellow officers in-game:

    Can't get to either of us eight at the time? Post in here with details (your in-game name, your highest level job, any questions you may have) and we might come in contact with you.

    In case you're wondering, we no longer acknowledge the existence of that other recruitment thread.
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