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Thread: New player returning

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    Default New player returning

    With the death of other servers, I came back to this game. Used to have an account here but don't know the login so I'm starting fresh. I've started a Shammy as that's what I was used to before. Couple of questions:

    Where is everyone? no shops at all up in Ric? checked most servers.

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    Hit up Valento server. You'll find a large portion of the player base over there (:
    Welcome back bud.
    What up GEE.

    Yunaha 117 (:
    JDTREX 105
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    Hey I'm a new player as well playing in valento. My in game ID is allyally
    Feel free to message me in game anytime to play together (and this goes for all newbies in the game too!)

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