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Thread: Make it less linear and more exciting to explore.

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    Default Make it less linear and more exciting to explore.

    Holy crap is this game less than I expected. It is cute. It's easy on the computer and the worlds seem nice but, holy damm is boring to play.

    The leveling/quests are 100% linear and sleep inducing. Quests are mundane, dull, fetch X amount of items or kill X amount of boring things.... best of all... some are overlapping/just do more of quest you just did/repeatable... fun !!

    Starting though, you do get the joy of running back and forth and back and forth to complete FedEx quests... fun running from point A to B to A to C to A to D to C to A.... the same area. Then you start linear quests/area events from there.

    If you venture out to areas past your level, you're killed for exploring because the 'monsters' auto attack, just because.... to prevent exploring to become interested in the game.

    'Open world game' is only fun if you can visit more than one exclusive area to your level or, not be killed because you are simply exploring.


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    I suppose also if I going to be a complainer. Make the keyboard keys rebindable. Just because you think you thought of the best layout for the keyboard and moving, skills, help, etc. It doesn't hold true for every player. Let the player use your setting OR rebind the keys to a different layout.

    Make the mouse view control when running with the 'w' key held and using mouse... not locked to 359° of rotation (rotation hits brick wall and cannot just spin 360° forever in one direction).

    Make more customizable feature choices (hair, eye colour/styles) for the whopping *3* whole characters for the game. Or, make more individual classes. The limit of what you can create/lack of style options to play the game also makes it more boring as everyone looks the same.
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