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Thread: Unrreasonable blocking ID

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    Angry Unrreasonable blocking ID

    Hi GM,

    I bought an AS account from whom I know from social network and did not know that is an hacking LV account. ID login: [H]ell[F]ire. I knew this info by communicating with SunnyZ. I have group of close friends playing and sharing priston tale acc for many years, noone want to play it alone. But personnally I wanna try to play ranger char. Now, I'm so embarrassed facing them because of getting them involved and blocked. Would you mind doing me a favour by unblocking involved account? It's ridiculous to behave such way.

    Thanks and regards.

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    GM please,

    I'm a victim, losing money is not a big deal, more importantly is losing friend. It's just a game we have played for years, it connect us.


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    Pro Tip

    Don't buy accounts from hackers.

    Or wait, don't buy accounts at all...
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