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Thread: LF a Active Guild

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    Red face LF a Active Guild

    Hi, my name is Madelyn irl,
    I am a female looking to get out of this "boredom" and be social.
    My favorite thing to do irl is draw and to play videogames (i'm a horrible drawer though ;-.
    What's unique about me is that i run linux as my main OS, and can run DOMO (oh yeah ) through a special program called Wine.
    I am very active. if i am not, you have a right to remove me.
    My in-game name is YoshinoZam.


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    please ignore the smileys

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    try join DOMO Mafia

    I have an ?Ace? in my sleeve.

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    Who is the leader of this guild?

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    I have an ?Ace? in my sleeve.

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    Thanks, I will try

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    You are more than welcome to join our guild Angel Academy, we are growing fast, we are active and love to have fun! I am the CP aka: Okamii

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