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    We have 3 months aprox that the Task Bug is not working. It was fixed in one patch 2 months ago aprox and it comes down again. My question is WHAT HAPPENING?? is so hard to fix it?. we need it the task for get more exp and silver and another things. There are so many rummors in the game about the bug. Some ones are "No fixed becouse there's not more levels in MAT (more than 130)". So please MOD'S and EM's, please talk with the GM's about send out some honor and silver cuppons for compensation about that problem. We know that is nt theit problem, is problem of the developers, but they must do something for us, we cant stay here without task.

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    Last time they said "we doing all what we can to make that fix in this patch". I am already crossing Fingers
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