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    I don't know if its hard or not, But I've noticed a lot of names are taken up by level one characters, who probably have not logged in since cbt phase, Therefore becoming inactive. Just a question rather than a suggestion, but would you guys be willing to do an inactive wipe [Say from two years ago] and if said characters have not logged in since then, rename them to Name_10976238, and enable a free name change on the slight possibility that they may or may not return? I'm not amazing with creating unique usernames.

    An example would be Toy_109467, and so forth. This gives us the opportunity to play with the names that we desire, Again a yes is never guaranteed, but advice and possibility is welcomed.

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    Hello there, I think you'll be glad to know that something like this already exists

    You can change your name to one that is already being used if the person that holds it hasn't logged in game in one year. However, even if you still have your 'free name change per account' to use, to get a name that is already taken you must buy a Name Change Token from the Item Mall.
    After that all you have to do is send a ticket asking for a name change and follow their instructions.

    I highly recommend you to first send a ticket asking if the name you want can be 'stolen' (if the person with that name hasn't logged in a year) and then buy the Name Change Token, reply to them and ask for your name change.

    As for the person you 'steal' the name from, they get a "?" added to their name and upon the next log in they must pick a new one.
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