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Thread: stats and skills new pikeman

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    Default stats and skills new pikeman

    Hi guys!

    i am a new player and i need some help,i dont know very well how to use the skills and how are the best skills in each tier.
    I am lvl 18 and i upgrade a lot the stat of strong and a little to the others (only when i need to equip a item and i need that stats) i already have 4 skills learned Pike Wind Ice Attribute Critical Hit and Jumping Crash

    I wait to your answers see you in PT!!!
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    For Tier I, pike wind is helpful to get away from mobs lynching you but that's about it so lvl 1 is enough. Ice attribute and Critical just lvl 1 too. Better to use the remaining points on jumping crash. Try to get to Tier II while we still have Event Girl. When you get tornado, reset your skills and lvl tornado to 5. It's the best AoE skill for a pike and will help you level up quickly. Search the forum for more advice on pikes.
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