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Thread: Lucent Heart Side / Fresh Server ?

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    As long as it's another server, I totally don't mind. I remembered back when I started it was mostly teamwork and none of those pet buffs. Also agree to what Tai said about the star friends advancement, maybe remove that or something. Also the fact about Hera which people use to plvl to 80, the lvl restriction should be up higher than 60.

    I'd totally join on that Would seem more fun, I wanted to do that after I hit 80 tbh xD play the old fashion and get a group of 6 to start all over with no pets actually
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    Like most people are saying here, its a good idea, LH was much more entertaining back when people had to band together just to complete the job change quest, teaming up and fighting enemys has always been the best part of lh, along with GvG ofcourse. Not only this, a lot of newer players feel lost because theres nowhere to start, no one will help them, and when they do its Hera. Id also love to do a little pvp without any of the current stuff, would be loads of fun and id love to start a guild myself there, 6 people to do Tyrant <3 - Java cup

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    I would play on a new "side server". One of the main reason i started playing lh is because of the system spec. and when i started playing, it was pretty much smooth. but then, after the elemental pets started coming to the game, it started lagging me so bad. and maybe it may get to a point where my pc wont be able to handle it anymore. Also, each release of pets increasing the price in game.
    I know many players who quit gvg because of all the buffs and how it turned out p2w. SO there might be more people to pvp/GvG in this server with just divine bonds. Plus when we start new, there will be a lot of people around same lvl. so more people will participate in gvg unlike now where low lvls are forced to stay away from gvg because of the big lvl difference in players.

    But gotta keep the current server tho. i dont wanna loose the stuff i worked my butt off for lol
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    I approve of this idea myself since I tend to believe that mmo's should be played as a team game not solo play. As many pointed earlier, the power-leveling issue is pretty severe especially for those who actually worked hard to get where they are at while low levels can simply get power-leveled to 80 fairly quickly as well as drain the fun against bosses when battle pets and buffs can basically solo anything so starting new without the op pets would be most beneficial as well as more teamwork orriented. Also can't forget to include the fact the game would also be much more sociable since many has to work together to achieve the goals they have set.


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    It's actually a great idea, I've quit LH three years ago just to come back into what seems like a disaster. Everything that made LH what it used to be has been drained down the toilet. I remember prices to be 100k for 1k sp and to come back to items being sold for 100mil-500mil actually surprised me that I honestly thought people were joking. I wish this idea was implemented years ago but as of now I doubt it will cause a surge of players rolling in. The game is just not something most newcomers would look for and the only thing holding it up is the community. A fresh start however is the best choice to avoid the inevitable demise of the game, as long as history doesn't repeat itself.

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    for event i was thinking we could vote players to host for the month,would also have lack of boss rushes on new server probably,
    item mall disabled for 1st month so we can get a full list of things we don't want or just have outfits available and a open poll which can vote for multiple category's 10+ votes on anything would be instantly removed or 100+for like category's like * no battle pets at all* etc * requires a active community helping*
    GM's or GM would just handle tickets and item mall *but this will also require GM's to check what server they add things in* personally if something like this is approved i think we would need a weeks notice * about the new server * and we could play without Item Mall for about a month for planning what too remove from item mall and so everyone has time to vote for things they don't like and to stack sp for items they want too be honest

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    Default Yes I agree

    Yes, I agree because everything is just broken atm in the game pet buffs also lags the game which also makes it unuser friendly and people getting power lvled to 80 just isn't making the game fun. And prices got messed up due to multiple bugs and exploits.
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    I would play too. Old LH was much better. After I came back a couple months later and saw people "barb" I felt it was long gone. I really think we need something to keep high level players off low level bosses too. Maybe give them something else to chew. When you can't even find the boss anymore to team up because a lvl 80 already killed everything in a matter of minutes it is quite depressing. Long gone are the days we had entire guilds being civilized (*cough* most) on disputing monsters and whatnot. A side server for new players is long overdue. SP Price is ridiculous these days.

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    I completely agree with the idea. ^^ There should be a new server where we can all start from scratch!

    Also, everything is seriously expensive nowadays! It's getting out of hand and quite impossible to buy a single pet or any weapon/armours/shields.

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    We need to start a petition or poll so suba can see clearly how many people really want this, we used a petition to bring back LH after old LH closed down.

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