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Thread: Lucent Heart Side / Fresh Server ?

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    To get rid of completely:

    Elemental Pets (all of them to remove the need to rebuff every time in GvG)
    Arcana Pets (all of them because they're flat out broken crap)
    Sabrinas (too easy to glitch bosses for fast kills)
    Sabrinami (never ending MP is very imbalanced)
    Sabrinara (never ending HP is even worse)

    World (no explanation needed)
    World Peace (no explanation needed)
    Grandmaster Wang (can be even more effective than World if you know how to use it)

    Wheel of Fortune II (never ending MP again)

    Cakes (pay to win, annoying to gather and feed, and without them we'd add a further layer of weakness to promote team play)

    Bonus: Freeze Fire. Possibly Pet Squad altogether too, or nerfed to 2 pets instead of 4 like Chinese LH did.

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    Things I second (said already by other players) for this "new server":

    • Item Mall closed during the first/second months.
    • "Rotating" Item Mall, just like the Japanese server used to do.
    • Only Zodiac + Divine Bond passive pets.
    • Change the minimum Lvl required for Hera dungeon - from Lv60 to Lv70 would be great, just like Schneider and Nidia.
    • Removal of "Rare Sabrinas" Divine Bond pet due to the way it can be spammed on bosses.
    • Removal of World battle pets. Or at least nerf the time to 12 seconds.
    • Removal of Freeze Fire and other KM items.

    Things that need some more debate:

    • Removing cakes - I'd say only release cakes when 1) 80% of the players already reached Lv70+ 2) We get the new boss from V11 which is not really easy easy. When both these conditions meet, release them!
    • Removing Sabrinami and Sabrinara - I understand the OPness but I don't agree with the removal. Instead, release them last and only when 70% of players are Lv70+
    • Removing some dance skills - Don't agree with it, dance souls aren't that easy to get and people that take the time to DPK and DM every day deserve their efforts to be rewarded. Plus without "OP pets" people wont reach Lv78 that fast, so plvling in Hera won't be a issue for a long time.
    • Removing / Nerfing pet squad - I agree with nerfing the squad to 2 pets IF there are cakes. Meaning, let it be 4 slots when there's no cakes and then decrease it to 2 slots if cakes are released. And there's always the nerf of only using one pet of the same kind in squad!

    Other suggestions:

    • Only release Tarot battle pets (excluding world) because in the scenario of "only divine bonds and zodiac passive pets", Hero battle pets (such as Barbarrossa) would be considered pretty OP. Killing a Lv70 person with a Lv40 pet is NOT cool.
    • Sell furniture for very cheap cause right now House System is sooooooooo underrated /o\

    Also, posting someone else's opinion on this. They gave me permission to show the conversation:

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    Dat will do good owo//

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    Yes, i'd love that idea. I would be playing actively even if i have to start from lvl 1 ... uhh, as long as i wont lose my pets and mounts. ^^" Spent so much real money to buy them, it will be a huge waste and discouragement on my part really QwQ
    Remove hera thou, or maybe modify it. ^^"
    Items in IM..hmm.. got no problem with them. I think the economy is just rekt. SP just kept getting high priced -_-. Hmmm.. perhaps make a way for others to buy some things in IM without using SP (to be fair for those who have no credit/debit cards or just poor to spend real money on this game)
    Thats all i have to say haha.

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    i would love this idea of a new side server where the current battle pets and contract pets that ruined the game in a lot of ways be removed that would be a interesting experience and personally i wouldnt mind trying this out it would make galaxy sages usefull again even tho i don't want too be a mana bank but yea without nami nara nas also without world barb wang i think the game could come back to life on a fresh start server also make classes matter in this game again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiono View Post
    [*] Removing Sabrinami and Sabrinara - I understand the OPness but I don't agree with the removal. Instead, release them last and only when 70% of players are Lv70+
    The thing about them isn't so much the fact they're OP, but the fact they steal the role of some classes making them way less needed. Especially healers, and to a lesser extent Galaxy Sages with their mana healing skill. Thus drastically lowering the need to team up

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    Personally if i where too make a list of everything i would want removed not just giving a example in the post at the start it would be a list almost like what most people said also such as but i still think we should do a check box poll of what players want removed and be without item mall for the first month,

    Battle pets Removed : World / Wang / Barbarossa / Red World the main ones that must be taken out
    Passive pets removed : ALL Contract/Elemental/Arcane/ and any other deadly pet like / Sabrinami / Sabrinas / Sabrinara / Hephaestus and any other pet that does over 10% HP DMG passive
    Basic utility such as cakes i think if cakes are released it has to be late i like what Shiono said about when a portion of players hit lvl70+ so players have time to get other items and don't feel like they need too buy to much things at once,rotating item mall sounds fun if we have a dedicated gm who is willing too put in the hours

    also i tried to make this post things GM's them self can change and help out with reason i didn't say stuff like pet squad nerf and removing in game items but that sounds fun, also people forget we wouldn't have inflated rates on SP i highly dout SP would go over 3m/1k in the long run if we get a new server because of fixes which made the game have no gold exploits or bugs that would ruin/inflate rates this time also sp will probably be around 100k-500k again for a couple months IMO so everyone would have a chance to get item w/o a excuse specially if we get a month w/o Item mall and sp rate's start at 100k/1m again , i could be wrong

    New server would also bring in more people buying SP to save for the new server because they want to have certain outfit on that server too for when item mall is release from a business stand point this would also be good ,

    server names will also need to be important so people know the difference for example name would have to be "New" or "Hardcore" something alone de lines so players who don't know about what server to join get a "oh so that what this server is like" etc also if a new server where to be created we would need to vote on how much channels we would have due to all the bosses for armors we would need.Personally reverting too 5 channels such as / Main channel , Sub Channel 1 - 4 with good names this time so players know whats the main channel its something i think our current channels lacks and players join a dead channel and just quit because the game seems dead, i don't think its a issue of players being spread out i think its the lack of importance in channel names
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    I also want the thing Sora want becoz now days we can't play or do quests (dailies) with player of our own lvl, player are using battle pets to do the dailies,quests,etc and even using them in PVP it ruin all the fun in the game and the price of every thing is op .For the starter player how can they make gold like 50m+ for items


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    Sure would be better. I would like to see that happen and I would join .

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    I want tht Barbarossa battle pet and the other wide rang attacker battle pet has to be removed


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