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Thread: Lucent Heart Side / Fresh Server ?

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    Red face

    Looongg Loong time ago when LH was fresh (TW chinese server) it was fun that way. No OP pet buffs, on the world channel people calling out for dungeon parties, I remember doing a huge dungeon it used to take like 4hrs LOL (thats the downside - dungeons took wayyyyy too long to clear)

    I was just doing quests soloing until I met my friends who are still playing LH till now.. lots of fun memories back then. The OP buffs came when JP kinda took over LH when TW kinda gave up on making new things for the game. It is fine to keep some of the pets but removing some of them seems good - players can get some buffs but not like a bunch, so we can enjoy the fun of teaming again :<

    the times I do dailies everyday and party with friends.. sigh

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    Lightbulb Replying with Sugesstions

    1): The game is becoming too p2w and solo-dependent; they can introduce some, if not all, of these p2w aspects (assuming enhancements and stuff) into F2P content in the form of possible loot. This will encourage players to go PvE more and everyone has an equal shot. As for solo-dependent, the Devs can introduce a "penalty" system; they can either penalize players for going in solo by inflicting an irremovable debuff (all-stats lowered by <number>%) that can only be removed by dungeon clearance or increasing the stats of monsters in accordance to your equipment. Monsters in dungeons will have their stats increased (whether proportionately or disproportionately). Dungeons that require a party to complete will need a party to complete; cannot be solo'd and all pets will be disabled for said party-dungeons
    2): Levels, EXP and EXP table; one of the many reasons of any game that players will quit; the game's too easy. Devs can either re-adjust the EXP by either reducing the exp gained from contents or increase the amount of exp required, whether proportionately or disproportionately, but enough so that players can actually feel like they're achieving something.
    3): Exploits; implement a system that detects whether or not an exploit has been used. If the system detects that you're "short-cutting", doing something that's not the way normal players know about, they get penalized. (I'm aware that coding/programming is hard, so leave this one out if the game cannot handle it)
    4): Fresh-Start Server; follow something like ArcheAge or Maplestory's Reboot server (in Maplestory's case, trades/markets are disabled but items can still be sold to NPCs; basically what you get is what you keep).

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    We should start it as an experiment and have 200 people test, c: to see if it would really work. but needs advertising and must be promoted so that players would be able to know. >.<
    Would be interesting if that new server is PVP. so that PK can be a big deal, while heroes who stand up show up.
    Sora. make a poll

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    Default One Day In The Future

    One Day in The Future

    I think and most players simply think suba just gave up on lucent heart ages ago for a lot of small reason for example for me it was when my main account got banned on forums for "account made to spam" even though i never posted a single thing on forums seriously there is a lot of cases like this on forums which i think is the reason a lot of people don't use forums aside from that nothing good to read and forum isnt used to promote stuff too often so people never check it out also they just dont want players to see this amazing idea which has over 5k views which clearly shows people check up on it and then have sora spam it everywhere saying he was right which should have been done a long time ago

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    Bumping this one up.
    Wonder if we should start a petition for a 2nd server
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