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Thread: Lucent Heart Side / Fresh Server ?

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    Default Lucent Heart Side / Fresh Server ?

    So just a honest question and wondering a "What if scenario"
    lets say lucent heart got a side/difference server fresh start new server everyone starts from level1 no pets gold etc ,what would you like removed from current item mall such as pets outfit mounts and other things,
    for example for me it would be all the new pets / contract pets and only keep pets like divine bond and zodiac pets and keep everything els in the game,
    just wondering who would play actively or play again if something like this happened and would u actually spend time on it and how much people do you think would play again or come back due to it?
    Reason i'm asking this is just due to the reason most players "Quit" was due to LH becoming to much P2W and the game became to much solo depending where u could solo everything and power level accounts and people to 80 in 2 days which made getting 80 not as "Special" which got a lot of people mad + all the gold income from the bugs and exploits that changed rates for Sp and armors insanely or just wanting to start with everyone from one , just a question for people.
    I'M basing this off example of "ArcheAge" Fresh start server which increased the games popularity by almost x3 the amount of active and old players on fresh start server if you'r wondering.

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    This sounds like a good idea, as long as its a separate server, I don't want to lose everything I have already spent money on lols

    put the level cap back to 75 and take away hera

    what made old LH so great is that people worked together as a community, but in this LH everyone just solos.
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    HECK. YUS.

    I love my contract pets, and my barb/Jack Sparrow. However I would totally play this and another server who was...'Back to basics' as it were. Ya know like, when people actually had to team up to do things. Soloing is boring and what's the point of an MMO without people to do things with~ qwq

    ALSO. I would love a 'Rotating IM' where things go in and out of item mall in a fair way and things were reasonably priced. owo

    I would also drag Risk and make them play withs meh owob

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    Id be down to start over haha, plus itll show who has true skill and whose just p2w - tark

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    I would play again tbh I quit due too the reasons sora stated above the game became to much solo depending and does not require any team work which is what made the game fun and addicting at early levels which I think needs to be implemented back into the game too get a better player base back into

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    I believe that be a great idea and it being a separate server makes it to that much better for old players so they don't lose the money they spent on the game and i would be much more active on the side server. because i do truly enjoy the game and it be a lot of fun for me to start off on a separate server at level 1 again and taking off all those op pets which made it more Solo independent kinda ruined the MMO part of the game.

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    Yes yes I would play as long as I can play on both servers, and such.

    Also maybe see about having the second server be less gutted, and up to date not ya know half assed version 11 that we got jipped.

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    Hello, Sora.

    I am telling this entirely from my own perspective, and obviously everyone has their own opinions. To me, I believe there should be a strict level restrictions in dungeons like; Heideggar, Nidia, Schneidder and lastly most important one Hera. I mean, this hurts a lot to the morals of people who've worked their way up and actually did quests to level up.....just to see a newcomer from what? Three or two months to reach the top level by just spamming Hera using pet buffs or another high level player to power level them? Hell, I even saw people joining yesterday and the next day they are at level 60. To be all honest here, I strongly suggest Hera to be entered by people only who got the quest and can open it...which is at level 79, and remove this so call skill "star friends advancement" from NPC Dance Tutor.

    Now, I will come to the IM issue. As things are, almost anyone can go commando/god mode doing anything they want by the help of pet buffs they now have in IM. Heck! I even used all the pet buffs in my alt, and solo'd hera at lvl59 and killed her at 63...which shouldn't even be possible at that level. Not to mention how much people nowadays relies on pet buffs. So, yeah...I strongly approve with you on this one, and want only divine bonds like... Apollo, Hades, Poseidon, Ares, Hercules, Artemis, Sabrinara/nami and be in the item mall, so that it'd be fair for all, and people can actually legit do quest and work their way's actually fun, and most of the games are like this. There should be a restart in this game, so that we can all start from the origin.


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    As long as I don't lose my old account, I definitely wouldn't mind to start anew but i don't want to lose all that I have now such as pets and mounts. I spent a lot of reality money on this game and it would be just terrible to lose all that investment. But would love to experience what all new things could be offered.

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    You know, I would actually support this, i feel it has a difficulty to it, and would bring A LOT of people together, and be as a hole, than a single person, it would allow supporting of various skills and talents and a better squad role, than someone rushing in, pets blazing and battle pets blazing, to annihilate everything, it makes you think then, what squads to make, roles to use, and to make everyone think


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