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Thread: Here you have some tools and advice that may help you out

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    You do know this thread is over 2 years old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Involution View Post
    In the last month, IronlEye has absolutely no hack logs on his account, for what that's worth. Most players get even a few false positives.

    It's almost... suspicious...

    Got any questions ingame ACE related, feel free to send me a message via Skype: Ox.Cart

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    Quote Originally Posted by XzzxxzzxcY8nNW2 View Post
    I Dont want to get yelled at here but I HAVE had problems after using registry cleaners. Specifically "System Mechanic" and "Advanced System Care". After many headaches from ASC i realised that the problems had been caused by the System Optimisation component which basically disables the majority of the system services thus leaving other software and hardware components such as rs 232/ to usb converters non-functional, etc... I now actually use the AVG reg editor but i disable the optimisation and it works well without any issues(yet!)

    As for System Mechanic i never worked out how to repair whatever it did so ended up doing a clean install on the system to recover functionality. The problems were after repeated use so there was no rolling back and i think it deleted the system restore backups.

    I dont claim any expertese, I'm just the guy who ends up fixing everybodys pc's for free when they get sick of repeatedly taking them to the shop to be fixed and getting nowhere with their software issues! lol
    No one is yellin at ya

    I'm still usin asc, which does wonders to my pc. Game mode keeps up the performance of the game. And for registries, I use ccleaner, and sometimes eusing cleaner. I got no problems at all

    @IronlEye 3 yrs

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